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About Katana Group

Katana Group is a privately-owned property investment and development company with a portfolio focusing on Northwest England. We pinpoint the best deals and breathe life back into those properties by turning them into stylish, high-quality products. While making a katana sword, the master craftsman stays awake for days and nights to tend the furnace that produces a masterpiece.

We, at Katana Group, approach property investments with the same persistence and concentration that the master craftsman applies to the katana sword. The katana sword was the samurai’s most important tool, just as our unique algorithm will be to your property journey. Our systemised formula analyses countless properties, identifying the deals that match our supply and demand, rental yield and investment longevity criteria. Whether you are a first time or experienced investor, we ensure that you are presented with investment opportunities that are designed to help you invest in property strategically, securely and profitably.

The Values That Define Katana Group


We leverage our extensive knowledge of the local and national property markets to identify the best and profitable deals.


We locate diamonds in the rough in the form of reglected and derelict property and  ‘polish’ them into quality asset than offer exceptional returns.


We deliver upon our promises by ensuring that our projects are all meticulously planned and well executed to deliver outstanding results to our partners.


We forge long lasting relationships with our partners to achieve synergistic outcomes that accelerate success.

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We Measure Our Success By Those Of Our Clients

Richard, Taro and the Katana Group have been very supportive, reliable and trustworthy. Through their support and incredible knowledge of the industry, I was able to build confidence and skills to develop my property portfolio. In short, they have Great Experience, Great Ethics and Great Honour.

Harry Nguyen

Richard and the Katana Group have made our investing experience a pleasure. Their communication, guidance and solution finding approach to work is one I fully recommend. Whether your looking to sell or looking to invest, you’re in great hands with Richard, Taro and the team.

Grant Robe

Best thing has to be the goal setting system (there’s a system for everything!). The number of viewings needed per month to reach our income goal for the year seemed like so much work. But now, to even smash our target for the year we only need to do around 10 viewings per week! Thank you once again Richard.

Sam Bailey

Systems are fantastic, which has changed the way we do our business; one aspect of your system makes me ask how I managed before! My confidence since working together has developed and changed, which has really helped me in my business. The support since we worked together has been second to none and I really appreciate all of your help.

John Cockroft

The Katana Group Team

Richard Van Ommen

Richard, originally from South Africa, is the architect of Katana Group’s unique algorithm

Peter Leung

Peter, from Hong Kong, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has experience in the real estate, restaurant.

Steve Haigh

Steve has a strong background in construction and refurbishment, and owns a company that turns over in excess of £1 million p.a.

Taro Nabetani

Taro, from Japan, has remarkable social skills and people naturally gravitate towards him. He has and will continue to forge solid relationships with realtors.

The Katana Mentorship Program to Property Success

How to improve your systems and get the results you really want

The Katana Group Mentorship Programme is a quality one-on-one property investment training, where you will discover strategies to grow your portfolio, learn what to avoid and how to avoid it. Furthermore, you will learn how to systemise your property business to maximise productivity and minimise inefficiency.

There are various property investment strategies and the Katana Group Mentorship Programme will help you identify and execute the right strategy that will help you realise your investment goals. The programme is tailored to each individual to suit their current level of knowledge and expertise, so whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced investor, our training with help you to the next level in your property investment journey.